Pamper Me, Baby!


In 2014, our owner, Elysia Douglas, became aware of a need in the community through a visit to North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC). While there, she overheard a conversation of a father who needed diapers for his little girl. NFCC could only give him about 10 diapers. Those with children know that meant he would need more diapers by the end of the next day. He asked the director why they couldn't give him more. She explained to him that they get very limited quantities of diapers and they must limit how many they give out in order to make sure everyone gets some.

Having four children of her own, Elysia knew what it was like to be low on diapers and not know when she'd be able to get more. At one point, she had three little ones in diapers at the same time. This man’s desperate situation really pulled at her heart strings.

Our Story

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When parents are low on diapers, they tend to leave them on the babies as long as possible. This can lead to diaper rash, infections, and possibly other problems for babies. Elysia didn’t want to see this happen to babies in her community. She also wanted to lessen the burden on parents who may be struggling to make ends meet and making tough decisions for their families. So she came up with a way to help.

Elysia decided to organize the Pamper Me, Baby! Diaper Drive and help parents and little ones with one of their most basic, but essential needs. She contacted the director of NFCC’s food drive coordinator, Mel Fortin. Mel thought it was a great idea and gave the approval to proceed on behalf of North Fulton Community Charities. In 2017, as her business moved, she also included The Place of Forsyth as a recipient of diaper donations. In, 2020, with the most successful diaper drive to date, she was able to include Whispering Hope Women's Resource and Pregnancy Center as a charitable organization to receive donations for not only diapers, but also feminine products for women who come for their support. She is so excited to now be serving three organizations between two North Metro Atlanta counties!

Facts about Diaper Need

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Highlights from 2020

During the 2020 Pamper Me, Baby! Diaper Drive the community pulled together and we were able to collect over:

11,500 Diapers

6500 Wipes

100 Pull-Ups

Plus Infant Formula & Feminine Products

How You Can Help

With help of generous people like you, Pamper Me, Baby! has become more than a once a year diaper drive. We are a charitable organization focussed on the specific goal to help END DIAPER NEED in our community. You can help us fill the shelves of The Place of Forsyth County and Whispering Hope Women's Resource and Pregnancy Center,  with diapers, wipes, pull-ups, infant formula, and feminine products by making a purchase from our Amazon Wish List or making a monetary donation through our PayPal account with the memo: End Diaper Need. 

Pamper Me, Baby! is currently working on 501c3 status.