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Always at Your Service, Virtually

We sometimes describe the discomfort associated with labor and childbirth as waves. We tell birthing

people to relax and ride the waves or breathe as the waves wash over them and then go back out to sea.

Unfortunately, we all have been feeling swept away by another wave for quite a few months. Covid-19 came crashing to shore and disrupted all sorts of plans, including having a doula present at births in hospitals across the nation. Then, as states began opening again and things started to feel like they just might be getting back to normal, we saw the remnants of the first wave, and were told to prepare for a second.

You might have been right on the edge of seeking doula support when someone stated that it might not be worth it since they could not be in the room with you. I may be biased, but I have a difference of opinion.

Doulas are known for providing three major types of support. They provide physical comfort measures, emotional support, and information to their clients as needed throughout their pregnancy, during labor, and the immediate postpartum period. While the majority of what many express wanting is someone to advocate for them and give them amazing hip squeezes, what they find out they actually needed was a tremendous amount of emotional support, someone to help them understand and comprehend the normalcy of birth, and someone to help them think their way through important decisions clearly.

This type of support doesn’t necessarily have to come from someone physically present in the room. What they needed could have been achieved through the magic of modern technology with virtual support from their professional labor doula. I’m not saying that having a physical presence isn’t an important component of support, but in a time when doulas are not permitted to be present, having someone who is still available to you by phone or video chat is just as valuable in the moment.

Virtual support can be given at any point during labor, but especially any time something changes during the labor process, you're unsure of what you're feeling physically or emotionally, or you need help determining if it's time to go to the hospital or discussing details of a decision that must be made.

Your doula will have their phone on and by their side to answer each and every call you make and also appear on video chat whenever you need them.

Yes, even at three in the morning!

While it may not be ideal, because Covid-19 doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, virtual doula support can be the final piece in the puzzle of feeling safe and supported when everything else around you feels unsteady. We are here for you and fully invested in helping you have the best experience ever despite these unprecedented times.

Contact North Atlanta Concierge Doula Services to learn more about our virtual support services and how we can continue to provide personalized care and support to help you have a satisfying, safe, healthy birth experience and a smooth transition to parenthood.

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