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COVID-19, Hospitals, Doulas, and You

In our normal, everyday lives the last few weeks of pregnancy are a mixture of emotions that can range from excitement and anticipation to worry and anxiety.

Right now, you are watching the news, talking to your friends and your medical providers and wondering how the coronavirus (COVID-19) is going to affect your birth plans, your health, and your baby's health, especially if you are planning on giving birth at your local hospital.

Recently, in FB support groups everywhere, there are a number of people suggesting that expectant mothers forego the hospital route and "just have a home birth". While that may seem to be a great suggestion with all the information we have about home birth being a safe option for those who have low-risk pregnancies, these things are not always just that simple. While some may have that option, you have the think about the load that home birth midwives will come under. Depending on your location, there may not be availability for a late term transfer. What about payment? Will your insurance cover it? Will you have to come up with $3-5K out of pocket? What about what has already been paid to your current provider?

We also need to consider that you may have chosen to have your baby in a hospital for personal reasons or there may be medical reasons why having your baby in a hospital is the best option for both of you.

Please know that North Atlanta Concierge Doula Services is working to continue needed support for our clients and our community. We want to be a calm and rational voice that helps silence your fears and anxieties by keeping you informed with the ongoing changes to the policies that affect your birth place and support system.

We are in the process of making contacts at hospitals in the Metro Atlanta area and finding out the status of their visitation/doula policies. We are committed to keeping you updated and providing the educational and emotional support you need and desire at this time.

At the latest update:

  • ALL Northside Campuses are allowing laboring mothers 1 support person AND their doula. The doula will be asked for credentials and identification and then screened before entry. Please let your nurse know who your doula is so they can be expecting their arrival.

  • WellStar North Fulton campuses allow 1 support person to enter through L&D with the laboring mother. Doulas or 1 other support person must enter through the main entrance and be screened before proceeding to any other part of the hospital. 2 person maximum in L&D room.

  • Awaiting information for Emory John's Creek, Atlanta Medical Center, and Atlanta Birth Center other Wellstar Locations and Piedmont

North Atlanta Concierge Doula Services values our clients and our community and is practicing social distancing in an effort to help #flattenthecurve. Current clients reserve the option to continue services as originally planned or convert services to virtual support. We will be discussing the option of virtual consultations and prenatal meetings for those of you seeking a doula for both labor and postpartum services. Please contact us at 470-384-9330 to discuss these options and learn how we can give you the support you need to have a satisfying, safe, healthy, birth experience and a smooth transition to parenthood.

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