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I'm Having My Baby in A Hospital and...

The statistics around maternal health & mortality are scary, especially for black women.

C-section rates are higher than they've ever been.

Birth trauma is real.


We know. We get it. And we're here to tell you that despite the disparaging statistics and birth stories you've heard, you CAN have a great birth experience at a hospital with an obstetrician.

You can have a great birth experience in a hospital with an obstetrician if you're:

  • low risk

  • pregnant for the first time

  • an experienced parent

  • high risk

  • your care will be highly medicalized

  • your care will include lots of interventions

  • you need an induction

  • you need a surgical birth

  • you fit the demographics for the scariest statistics

If a hospital birth with an OB is part of your birth plan by choice or by circumstances beyond your control, your experience is not doomed. You do not have to just throw yourself on the mercy of the system. You are still an active participant in this experience and your voice matters!

Here are three simple things to remember when preparing to give birth in a hospital.

Communication with your provider(s) is key. Discuss your goals and your options. Ask questions. Build a trusting doctor-patient relationship. Develop a plan that everyone is comfortable with.

Knowledge is Power. Take a childbirth education class so you are familiar with medical terminology, protocols, and procedures related to birth in addition to learning the "fun" stuff like breathing for birth and comfort measures.

Support is Essential. Hire a doula. Having a trained and certified birth professional as part of your birth team gives you added emotional, physical, and informational support to help you confidently advocate for yourself and make the best possible decisions for yourself and your baby. With changing visitor/doula protocols due to Covid-19, check with your doula to see if they offer virtual support in the event your hospital has a single support person policy. We know that not everyone has the ability to change providers, give birth at a birth center, or have a home birth. Frankly, not everyone WANTS to. North Atlanta Concierge Doulas is here to help you have a great experience no matter how or where you give birth.

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