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New Mom Seeking Friend in Metro Atlanta - OTP, North Fulton

New mom in Metro Atlanta, OTP, seeking same for brunch, brisk walks on the greenway, maintaining a sound mind and accepting new normals in this exasperating life called parenting.

It is especially helpful if said mom is at the mercy of tiny humans between the ages of cute/cuddly and “I’m having a meltdown because you put my cheerios in the pink bowl instead of the princess bowl” years old.

Since I’m new to this parenting thing I figured I should have a friend who is tired of mommin’ alone.

Now that I’ve traded big city living for the quiet, suburban mom life, I find that endless pumping, trying to get my pre-baby body back, and navigating the sea of never-ending waves of unsolicited parenting advice from kind, grey-haired strangers in Whole Foods leaves me in need of a friend.

If you’re desperately seeking good vibes, stimulating conversation, creative collaboration, a listening ear, brunch at Café Intermezzo, shopping at Avalon with pit stops near Little Acorns, and someone whose idea of a workout might include laughing until your abs hurt, look me up.

Caution! Allergic to sour grapes, apathy, and pretentious busy-bodies.

Becoming a mom is no easy task!

If you were to write a bio that started with…

New mom seeking…

What would it say???

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