Virtual Support


In our normal, everyday lives, the last few weeks of pregnancy are a mixture of emotions that can range from excitement and anticipation to worry and anxiety.

For more than a year now, we've all been watching the news, talking to medical providers, family and friends, and wondering how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is going to affect your birth plans, your health, and your baby's health, especially if you are planning on giving birth at your local hospital.

Currently, in the Metro Atlanta Area, the only facilities that DO NOT allow 2-person support are hospitals in the Northside system with the exception of Northside-Gwinnett. At these locations hospital policy only allows for 1 support person meaning the partner/primary support person OR a doula. 

North Atlanta Concierge Doulas will continue to monitor the changes in visitor policy at the hospitals and facilities where our clients choose to give birth and keep you updated with this information. Policies can change on a day by day basis. We do suggest calling your facility, speaking with someone in the Labor & Delivery unit, and confirming their policy as it relates to doulas before your arrival.

North Atlanta Concierge Doulas wants to assure you that we are still committed to providing you with the individualized care and support you desire as you journey through this uncertain time in our nation's history. We will continue to provide educational resources to create a birth plan than reflects your desires and goals for birth and equip you with the tools you need to support both physical comfort and your emotional well-being as you navigate these new normals.

North Atlanta Concierge Doulas follows the CDC recommendations on wearing masks, social distancing, and proper handwashing protocols.

Virtual Support Package

  • 2 Virtual meetings via Zoom

    • Planning for your birth​

    • Comfort Measures for labor

  • ​Unlimited phone, text, and email support as needed prenatally

  • Telephone support during early labor

  • Virtual Support during active labor/birth/immediate postpartum

    • Facetime, Google Duo, or other reliable, agreed upon video
      chat application​

  • 1 Virtual Postpartum meeting

Hybrid Support Package

  • 2 In-Person prenatal meetings

    • Planning for your birth​

    • Comfort Measures for labor

  • ​Unlimited phone, text, and email support as needed prenatally

  • Telephone support during early labor

  • In-Person, in-home face-to-face support when needed before leaving for birthing facility

  • Virtual support (Facetime, Google Duo, or other reliable, agreed upon video chat application​, or phone) on the way to and upon arrival at birthing facility, through birth and postpartum period

  • 1 In-Person postpartum meeting

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satisfying, safe, healthy birth experience and
a smooth transition to parenthood.