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Elysia Douglas is the owner and team leader of North Atlanta Concierge Doulas. She is a professional doula holding certifications for Labor, Postpartum and Infant Care, Childbirth Education, and VBAC Specialist. She is also a ProDoula Labor Doula Trainer and Postpartum & Infant Care Doula Trainer. Because of her passion for serving families and seeing their needs in her area, she became a diaper need advocate in the Metro Atlanta area, where she holds a community wide diaper drive each year in September during Diaper Need Awareness Week. She has been a doula for 9 years and has supported over 100 families as they prepared for and welcomed their little ones into the world. 


Elysia offers attentive, nurturing, and compassionate support during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period. She is passionate about providing an environment where women can feel safe, secure, and free to voice their goals and their fears. By providing an open mind, a listening ear, and the most current research and evidence based information, Elysia helps you create your own, personal birth road map and becomes your compass to assist you in successfully reaching your destination.  Throughout your journey she is there offering guidance, understanding, reassurance, and hands on support. She is unbiased, unwavering, and fully invested in helping you have your best birth experience.

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Elysia Douglas

Raven S. Sweeney

Raven Symone has an extensive healthcare background working as a nurse’s assistant for ten years. She has had the opportunity to care for a wide range of patients from newborn to the elderly. Her passion for people is untouched. Within the past five years she has had the opportunity to support families through birth and now as a Certified Labor Doula and Certified Childbirth Educator, she is prepared to serve even more families through their pregnancy journey.


Raven Symone offers attentive, nurturing, compassionate and supportive care during pregnancy, labor, and birth. It is her goal to create an environment that is peaceful and serene. Raven Symone goes above and beyond to remain educated on labor and birth in order to provide accurate and unbiased information.

Being able to provide reassurance, emotional & physical support, guidance and understanding as well as open lines of communication is of utmost importance to her.


Raven Symone is a proud advocate of birthing your way!!

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Tamara Mason

Tamara Mason is a professional doula holding certifications for labor.  She is also a public health professional, consultant, and advocate who works to improve the health and well-being of marginalized communities.  She is a newly certified doula and is looking forward to supporting families as they prepare for and welcome their little ones into the world.


Tamara is attentive, nurturing, and compassionate which are necessary attributes when supporting families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  She is passionate about holding and maintaining space where women can feel safe expressing their goals and their fears. Tamara comes with no personal agendas and helps you develop your own philosophy surrounding pregnancy, birth, and parenting so you can create the best plans for your family. Throughout the time you spend together, Tamara provides guidance, reassurance, and all of the many layers of support that you need and desire.


Jeannelle Higgins

Jeannelle Higgins is a retired RN working in the healthcare field for many years. Her favorite rotations were labor and delivery as well as NICU. She also has completed her master’s in marriage and family therapy. Jeannelle’s previous work and educational background allows her the ability to think quickly on her feet, listen and make quick suggestions for optimal success.


Her passion to become a doula began many years ago when she had the privilege to support her daughter give birth to her grandson. For her, bringing both knowledge and passion for helping families be at their best provides satisfaction that no other work she’s done. As a Certified Labor Doula, confidently and competently supports parents through pregnancy, labor and postpartum. In addition to her grandson, she has supported countless families through this process and would love to serve you and your family as well.

Jeannelle is very compassionate, detail oriented, and a great listener. She desires to provide care by creating an atmosphere that is welcoming, calming and inviting. Jeannelle’s diverse educational and personal life experiences creates the ability to support all types of families unbiased and non-judgmental. Her goal is to help you develop a birth plan that allows your families uniqueness to shine during your birthing experience. Having Jeannelle become part of your birthing journey is a decision you will be glad you made.


In her spare time, she loves to read, color, be out in nature, sing and spend time with her family.

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