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North Atlanta Concierge Doulas is excited to see that you have decided to be an active participant in your pregnancy by seeking out practical and professional support and guidance for the journey ahead.


We are an exceptional doula agency bringing elite service and support to families in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area. As professionals in the birth industry we know that keeping up with the latest recommendations and research is important to you. Our team capitalizes on a variety training and continuing education opportunities so you can have the most current information to create a tailored plan that reflects your desires and goals for birth and successful parenting.

We strive to create an environment in which our clients feel encouraged and empowered to use their voice and confidently make informed decisions regarding their care and the care of their baby. From the time we are hired until our time together is complete, you can expect to receive first-class support and guidance during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

Our goal is to instill strength and reduce fear by providing unbiased, nonjudgmental, personalized care and support by listening to you, affirming your decisions, and providing the resources you desire, encouragement you need, and tools for comfort that you deserve.

Contact us today and let's continue this journey together!

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Childbirth Education

Comprehensive childbirth education course designed to equip you with basic knowledge of pregnancy terms and related conditions and prepare you to make informed choices regarding your labor, birth, postpartum and newborn care.

Labor & Birth Doula

Unbiased and nonjudgmental, personalized care and support to help you have a satisfying, safe, and healthy birth experience, no matter how or where you birth, and a healthy start for postpartum recovery.

Postpartum & Infant Care

Preparation and planning for your postpartum recovery, newborn care and transition to life outside of the womb, and your smooth transition into parenthood.

Placenta Encapsulation

Professional encapsulation of your placenta based on the Traditional Chinese Method which steams the placenta before processing into capsules for your consumption.



Experiencing my most recent childbirth with the assistance of Elysia Douglas was such a blessing! She made every accommodation and literally customized her services to meet our specific needs. She was always kind, courteous, and professional. Her personality is very calming and she makes you feel like you've truly gained a forever friend. I have no doubt that I could not have fulfilled my goal to experience a completely natural birth if I hadn't had her there with me. My labor stalled after about 12 hours and she helped me find natural ways to get things going again... she encouraged and empowered me, and helped me get out of my own head when she needed to. The support, encouragement, and advice she provided to me and to my husband was invaluable! I truly can't say enough about how amazing it was to have her with us for that very special day. 5 star experience for sure!!!! 

~Amanda D.